Looking forward to…

I am currently preparing to embark on a new chicken adventure; we will be raising some gorgeous feather-footed fancies. From these hens (Cochins and Brahmas) we will be getting jumbo, organic, super-awesome eggs and eventually our own chicks.


Next, I am welcoming the addition of a new goat. Green Egger’s Sasha will be joining Serene Caprine Acres in May. Sasha will be my newest dairy doe and will start off our 2017 season. She boasts wonderful genetics and dairy production. Sasha has great potential and I am SO excited to get to know her! She is coming all the way from California so we wish them safe travels!


Finally, KIDS!!! Yes, kids! I have some very pregnant goats that are really looking forward to not being pregnant anymore. They are due within the next month or two. We hope for happy, healthy, easy births and can’t wait to see the little bundles of joy when they arrive.