Copper Bolus 101

We have all been there. Having to shove a giant pill down the throat of a dramatic goat. When that doesn't work, we break it open and try to feed the particles to the goat, spilling them all over the place. Copper supplementing used to by my least favorite thing to do for my goats. Goats+COWP= toddler and lima beans. COWP is what is in a copper bolus. It stands for copper oxide wire particles and since the 80's it has been well known that goats can and do get copper deficient: supplementing is the solution. So, how are you supposed to get copper down a goat? Well, you can sure as heck try the old fashioned way. Load the bolus in the goat-sized bolus gun. Insert the loaded portion into the back of the mouth and shoot. Yes, your goat [Continue...]