I’m Daniella and welcome to my blog!

I have been raising goats since 2010 when I was first introduced to the beautiful animal. Since then I have discovered a passion in goats and health. I enjoy learning and growing in my knowledge of the species. Raising my mini-herd of mini-Nubians is full of excitement- through laughter and tears. The joy of goat husbandry is truly a blessing… albeit a demanding one, but nonetheless, a blessing.

Serene Caprine Acres began just a few years ago with the hope to breed a friendly, manageable, and productive (not to mention adorable) goat! That’s when my pure Nubian herd introduced Nigerian lines! Mini-Nubians soon became one of my favorites. They had tasty milk, great personalities, adorable ears, and everything I wanted in a dairy goat. What’s not to love?

Mini-Nubians remain among my favorite breeds due to the endless possibilities of variations in the breed. A breeder may incorporate valuable traits such as stunning blue eyes, moon spots, colors, countless markings, and quality of milk into their own lines. Breeding goats is an art!

Today I focus on supplying local, quality raw milk, crafting goat milk soaps, and raising my herd of wonderful, serene caprines.

If you are interested in learning more about goat care, keeping, and raising or are looking to begin your own breeding program feel free to contact me.